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Charitable Donations

When you say "a portion of proceeds goes toward...," what is the portion?

Great question! We are dedicated to donating at least ten percent of proceeds toward nonprofit organizations. What this means is... - At least 10% of the purchase price (before tax) of each product sold goes to a nonprofit organization. So, if you purchase a bottle of syrup for $12 (before tax), Btter Btches will make a donation of $1.20 to an organization that falls under the category your syrup falls under. - Each product series is dedicated to a specific cause, and proceeds earned from each series goes toward nonprofit organizations that fall under that cause. Example: the 'hippie dippie b*tch' series is dedicated to raising money for animals rights. So if you purchase the Lavender Citrus Peel syrup, which is a part of that series, for $12 (before tax), Btter Btches will made a donation of $1.20 to an organization that exists to protect animal rights. - There may be multiple organizations within each cause that we support. In this case, we split the funds donated between the multiple organizations within that cause. The amount allotted for each organization is dependent upon their need, as well as other factors determined ahead of time. - We say at least ten percent because we do not want to be limited to ten percent. If we have a great sales month, we may donate more than ten percent. If sales are made during a month that honors a particular cause, we may choose to donate additional funds to organizations that fall under that cause (i.e. June is PRIDE month, so we may choose to donate more than ten percent to organizations dedicated to PRIDE during the month of June). If a particular cause is under fire at a certain time, we may choose to donate additional funds to organizations that assist that cause (i.e. with the occurence of the murder of George Floyd and then of Breonna Taylor and the uprising that has taken place as a result during the summer of 2020, we would have been making additional donations to organizations that fight the injustices of marginalized people during this time had we been in business at the time).

What organizations do you donate to?

As we develop our business and get ready to launch our products, we are carefully curating a database of organizations that we trust to fulfill the missions to which they are dedicated. We have a strong ethical responsibility to ensure that the organizations we give money to are accountable and honest in the work they are doing. Our transparency within our company is expected of those we work with. As our database is filled and we develop reliable partnerships within our community, we will share that information with you here.

When do you pay the organizations their promised funds?

We review total sales at the end of each week and calculate the amount of funds that will be donated based on that amount. We then disperse those funds to their corresponding organizations every Tuesday of the following sales week. What that means is: On Mondays, we look at the amount of sales we generated in the previous week (Monday through Sunday), and then the next day we give a portion of those sales back to our community.

Are there limits, caps, or exceptions to the amount that you donate?

NO! We believe in giving every single time we receive. And we do mean every time. No matter how much we sell, we give at least ten percent of that back to the community. Why? Because we give a sh*t. It's as simple as that. No matter if we have losses, make a dollar in profits, or makes thousands in profits, nonprofit organizations can count on our support. We do not have to be profitable in order to follow through with our promise. And we will never cap the amount that we donate. We'd love to give millions if possible. But the amount that we donate does depend on the amount of support we the more you buy, the more we give :)


When are you launching your products?

We are so excited to launch our products and working diligently every day to make this dream a reality! We are anticipating our first two syrups to be available online and in local stores by the end of October 2020. We are anticipating our first two bitters to be available online and in local stores by the end of December 20202. While you patiently await our release, make sure you sign up for our newsletter (bottom of page) for the most up-to-date info and to be among the first to try out of stuff :)

How do we get your products into our store/bar?

Yay! If you'd like to stock Btter Btches syrups and/or bitters on your shelves or behind your bar, send us a shout at or DM us on Instagram @btterbtches and we will reach back out to you when our products have launched!

Where will Btter Btches products be available for purchase?

While our products will be found on local shelves, our online shop allows anyone in the U.S. to purchase our products for a small shipping fee.

Community Commitment

Each purchase contributes a portion of proceeds back to our community. Find out which organizations we support here.

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